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Aleksandra considers all her skills and accomplishments as artistic elements of her career that needs continuous improvement. She is a lifelong learner.



As a young girl, Aleksandra performed with a number of prominent music artists and bands in ex Yugoslavia (Galija, Amajlija, Bojan Milanovic, Maja Nikolic, etc.), singing back vocals both at live performances and in recording studios. Extensive experience in singing for children, which she enjoys the most.

Playing Instruments

Aleksandra is an accomplished pianist with high level of technique. Other than performing classical music, she fulfilled a teenager’s dream long ago, to play the keyboard in a pop/rock band. Although she plays the guitar at an intermediate level, she is now taking lessons in order to improve. Feels very confident playing Orff’s instruments like the xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, metallophone and non-pitched percussions. Plays the recorder and melodic well, and can play the harmonica and accordion at a basic level.


Composed songs and original music for theatre shows and plays "Pozorište Promena", Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, "Youth Theatre", Novi Sad, "National Theatre", Užice, and for children’s plays "Cinderella", "Sleeping Beauty", "Birthday Adventures of a Little Owl". Original songs for children published and performed at numerous Children’s Music Festivals, received two songwriting honorary awards. Her songs are extremely popular in preschools as a learning tool. She is most proud of receiving recognition and praises from her audience - children and their parents.

Choir conducting

Having been a singer in choirs herself from the young age and throughout all her life, it was natural for Aleksandra to establish and conduct a choir group at every school where employed, resulting in outstanding performances. She founded the first show choir in Serbia for children, "Melodium Show Choir".


Produced seven unique CD’s featuring music for children, each consisting of 8-16 songs.



As a college student, Aleksandra joined a theatre group "Talija" at Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad where she learned the basics of textual interpretation, movement and acting technique. She performed in several comedies and tragedy plays including one of the leading roles in F.G. Lorka’s "The House of Bernarda Alba". A few years later Aleksandra and her friends founded a travelling drama group named "Magic". They performed classic tales like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella with originally composed music by Aleksandra. While working in Bangkok, she joined "The Bangkok Community Theatre" to produce English language plays for the local community. She appeared in short comedy plays at Fringe Festival 2001 and 2002, the BCT Showstoppers and in the musical "Honk! The Ugly Duckling". Her latest acting experience was in Novi Sad during 2010-2012 with puppet performance for children "Rodjendanske avanture sovice Oke" ("Birthday Adventures of the Little Owl"), also with originally composed music by Aleksandra.

Stage Production

Aleksandra's diverse performance experience has provided inspiration for stage projects. She has organized many choir concerts, recitals and comedy shows with students of Primary School "Žarko Zrenjanin" (Novi Sad). Beside annual choir concerts that Aleksandra organised at the "E.L.C." School (Bangkok), she gave life to children’s imagination in their "summer school" drama perfomances. With the help of "Melodium's" teachers and students, Aleksandra produced, directed and wrote the script for 8 full length musical theatre shows. She managed many recitals and concerts and lead students performances at various public venues.



Extensive knowledge of team leadership provides an ability to recruit and manage highly successful teams of qualified personnel. Aleksandra is able to create a productive work environment that generates excellent team communications. Without strong financial resources she founded a music school "Melodium", now respectable, with 6 full time employees and around 250 enrolled students every year. Aleksandra fosters effective communication with parents by providing verbal and written reports on individual musical progress of children, as well as holding introductory music curriculum speeches at parent meetings. Instructs and supports colleagues by holding special music workshops for teachers.

Public Relations & Media

Aleksandra possesess strong interpersonal relation skills, written and verbal communication and interacts easily with people from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. During her college years, she volunteered as a reporter at a national RTV "Novi Sad"” station, creating and hosting several radio shows related to musical happenings in town. While finishing Academy, she worked at a popular radio station “Pan radio” as an author and reporter- specialist for culture and art. For two years she worked as a music associate to Editor at the National Television Station of Yugoslavia, producing live broadcasts of musical events, concerts, operas, etc. As a public speaker with ability to persuade and motivate diverse audiences to an expected reaction, she appeared in more than twenty radio and TV shows presenting "Melodium" music school. She maintains and enhances "Melodium" Music School’s image by writing articles in school’s newsletters, blogs and other social networks.


Aleksandra loves marketing. She is a creative thinker, solution designer, an author and co-author of over 500 advertisements, jingles and marketing slogans, many of them produced by the leading marketing agency in Serbia, "Hammer production". She has successfully built "Melodium" Music School through effective design and implementation of strategic marketing and branding plans. Many years of experience in teaching, performing and management aspects of the music gives an in-depth knowledge and ability to convey the knowledge to others. Aleksandra used it to write the thesis "Modeling Marketing Mix for Primary Schools in Serbia" which will, hopefully soon, bring her the title of Magister of Science in the field of Management in Education.

Here you can find some photos and videos related to Aleksandra's work:


Workshop "Creative musical activities for preschool children" which Aleksandra held in March 2011 for teachers of preschool institution "Naša radost".

Aleksandra and "SHOW Choir Melodium" she leads perform on national TV song "Kad bi svi ljudi na svetu".

Assorted interviews on local and national TVs with Aleksandra Grbić Hrustić principal of "Melodium School of Music".

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